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Katie Ho believes that imagination is to be found between that subjective world and observations of the real. And so small everyday details are both inspiration and starting points for exploration. Her artworks narrate fragments of stories that can be seen as individually complete, but when assembled together construct a more complex, multifaceted experience. They allow for connections across images and forms to show an idiosyncratic view of imaginative, subjective and real world observations; a view of narrated stories which are imaginative, humorous and most importantly, compassionate and deeply human.

Ho has exhibited in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. She has been selected for residencies in Korea (2015) and Taiwan (2016), and was a finalist in the 2016 Austronesian International Arts Award, Taiwan. She has also designed stage sets for productions at Kwai Tsing Black Box Theatre, HK, and McAuley Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Ho completed her MFA with RMIT, Australia, in 2015. In 2017, she co-founded Hidden Space, an artist run initiative.


Katie Ho

Hong Kong based artist

Co-founder of Hidden Space


2013 - 15     MFA, RMIT University, Melbourne


2016    Honor Award, 2016 Austronesian International

             Arts Award, Taiwan

Solo Exhibition

2021     Domestic Landscape, Hidden Space, HK

2018     Mountain, kubrick, HK

2017     Enduring Reality, Hidden Space, HK    

2015     Walking Inside Katie's Skull, Skull Room, HK

Group Exhibition

2017     Hong Kong Zine & Print Fest 2017, JCCAC, HK

2017     Man-made by Nature, City Hall, HK

2016    2016 Austronesian International Arts Award,

             Taitung Art Museum, Taiwan

2016     Museum of International Connectivity,

              The Dirty Dozen, Melbourne, Australia

2016     Our Inner Voice, White Tube, Arts Centre, HK

2016     Open Studio: Simona Soarc and Katie Ho,

              Rose Village, Busan, Korea

2015     Sprudelwasser, Art District_p, Korea

2015     This Time, Pao Galleries, HK

2015     Passageway, Hong Kong Art School, Arts Centre, HK

2014     Burning, Rooftop Space, HK

Installation for Drama Performance

2016    Solitude, Kwai Ching Black Box, HK

2016    The Idea About ME, McAulay Studio, Arts Centre, HK


2016    Dulan, Taitung, Taiwan

2015    Art Distrit_p, Busan, Korea

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