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The outcome of the residency progamme in Busan, Korea. I set up an installation which included an animation I had made in May in Hong Kong.

Walking In Geumjeong-gu, 2015 Installation, orange ink on Chinese rice paper, dried ginkgo leaves, felt, Mr. Bear Walk (looped HD video 0:33) dimensions variable

Infromation of the exhibition:


AM planner Berlin Residency Exchange Exhibition

Art District_P (ADC 1 Exhibition Place), Busan, Korea

03.Dec. - 09.Dec.2015 (10:00 ~ 19:00)

Opening/ 19:00/ 03.Dec.2015


Charlotte Bastian (Germany)

Gleb bas (Germany)

Katie Ho (Hong Kong)

Aisuke Kondo (Germany/Japan)

Elie Roth (France)

Kerstin Serz (Germany)

Bettina Weiss (Germany)

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